68Kg Capacity 8″ Vacuum Lifter


Superior Comfort and Grip: The ergonomically designed shape of the S338’s soft contoured Sure-Grip provides a comfortable hold during lifting compared to straight, hard handles. Thousands of micro-pads are aligned in the handle material to provide greater slip resistance during lifts for yet another measure of safety.

Extremely fast release from the work surface is attributed to a combination of the S338’s uniquely designed rubber pad and new, specially designed relief valve placed safely inside the valve’s guard. The pump’s plunger has a red indicator line to show the vacuum level when the lifter is in use. When the lifter is properly attached to the load’s surface, the red line will be hidden inside the pump. Should the red line become visible during a lift, set down the load and re-pump until red line is again hidden.

Superior “Press and Pump” Attachment Feature: The special rubber pad lip design enables one hand attachment of the vacuum lifter with only light pressure, allowing you to pump with the fingers of the same hand holding the lifter. Your other hand is free to secure your position for greater safety, especially important when you have the need to reposition your lifter on large vertical glass lites.

🚚 Delivery within 1-2 Working Days in Ireland.

Greatest Lifting Capacity of Any 8″ (203 mm) Pump Activated Vacuum Lifter
Meets CE and GS Conformance
Comfortable Grip
Convenient Vacuum Indicator and Release
Superior “Press and Pump” Attachment Feature
Superior Lifting Capacity Performance
Eligible for Exchange Program

CRL is proud to introduce the latest technology in hand-held vacuum lifting cups, our CRL Sure-Grip Vacuum Lifter. Manufactured in Australia by CRL, the state-of-the-art design of the S338 offers unique features, setting it apart from other 8″ (203 mm) pump-activated vacuum lifters. Superior Lifting Capacity Performance: Third party independent lab tests rate the S338 at 150 lbs. (68 kg).


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